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Langkah-langkah promosi website

Dalam tulisan ini diasumsikan bahwa website anda merupakan sebuah website pendatang baru dan anda belum melakukan promosi website. Meskipun demikian, bagi anda yang sudah membuat website dan atau telah melakukan promosi dengan melakukan submit ke satu atau beberapa mesin pencari atau telah mendaftarkan website pada layanan direktori baik yang berbayar maupun gratis dan menemukan tahapan yang telah anda kerjakan, lewati saja tahapnya.
Melakukan promosi website membutuhkan kesabaran dan ketekunan, karena membutuhkan waktu lama dan mungkin harus menunggu sampai beberapa minggu atau bahkan berbulan-bulan untuk memastikan bahwa website yang telah kita submit terdaftar pada layanan direktori dan mesin pencari. Promosi website, langkah satu – Direktori
Langkah pertama yang ideal anda lakukan ketika mulai melakukan promosi website adalah dengan cara melakukan listing website pada direktori yang populer di internet. Karena direktori internet yang populer dapat berpengaruh pada trafic secara signifikan dan akhirnya akan berdampak pada peningkatan ranking beberapa mesin pencari, adalah suatu hal yang ideal jika kita melakukan checklist beberapa direktori gratis yang populer dan pastikan website kita berada pada list website tersebut sebelum melakukan promosi ke website lainnya.

langkah satu – informasi umum
Melakukan submit ke suatu direktori caranya cukup mudah dan hanya membutuhkan usaha yang sedikit. Hanya pastikan bahwa website yang telah kita submit dapat ter list pada direktori dan tugas ini membutuhkan kesabaran.

langkah dua – The Open Directory Project
mulai melakukan submit direktori internet misalnya ke Open Directory Project ( Ketika website kita dipromosikan dengan baik, konten yang dimiliki unik biasanya cukup mudah untuk diterima oleh ODP, editor ODP biasanya melakukan review website dengan cepat dan tidak melakukan reject website tanpa alasan yang masuk akal untuk dilakukan. hal ini dikarenakan bahwa melakukan submit ke ODP gratis dan tanpa biaya, membuatnya sesuatu yang sempurna sebagai langkah awal. Menyelesaikan langkah ini dengan sukses akan juga memberikan kita pengalaman yang sangat berharga di kemudian hari.
– Jangan lupa baca petunjuk pada saat ingin melakukan submit website ke ODP.
– Akhirnya, lakukan submit website kita ke ODP.
– Jika submission kita tidak berhasil, lakukan join menjadi editor pada Open Directory dan lakukan listing website anda sendiri.

langkah tiga – Yahoo
setelah melakukan listing website pada ODP, tugas anda selanjutnya adalah memberitahukan ke yahoo untuk dikabarkan bahwa website anda eksis dan telah ada dan merupakan suatu informasi yang berguna pada direktory yahoo. Hal ini mungkin membutuhkan biaya dengan mengeluarkan sejumlah uang jika kita menjalankan sebuah website komersial, tetapi jika tidak tidak dikenakan biaya. Website non-komersial dapat dilakukan listing secara gratis, tetapi memerlukan beberapa kali submissi dan memerlukan kesabaran sebelum website kita terlist atau diterima.
Periksa panduan Yahoo secara spesifik dan himbauan-himbauan dan artikel tentang bagaimana fitur mesin pencari yahoo melakukan ranking website.

Promosi website, langkah dua – Mesin pencari (Search engine)
Saat ini website kita telah ter-list di ODP dan Yahoo, anda seharusnya sudah menerima traffic yang lebih banyak daripada sebelumnya. Tugas selanjutnya adalah bagaimana caranya agar website kita diketahui mesin pecari dan menggunakan mesin pencari tersebut untuk membawa lebih banyak pengunjung ke halaman website kita. Karena kita telah menuntaskan fase pertama, anda telah menancapkan pondasi yang kokoh untuk menjadikan website kita diindex mesin pecari secara lebih maksimal.

langkah satu – Search engine optimization, dasar
dalam rangka memperoleh ranking yang bagus, anda perlu mempelahjari dasar-dasar algoritma search engine (system ranking) dan sesuaikan halaman anda untuk sesuai dengan kriteria mesin pencari sebisa mungkin. bagian ini membutuhkan waktu dan usaha, tetapi mengerjakan ini akan menghemat waktu anda di kemudian hari.
Pertama, cobalah membuat design website anda agar seramah mungkin dengan mesin pencari. Selanjutnya, anda membutuhkan waktu untuk melakukan optimisasi keyword. keliatannya menakutkan, tetapi intinya adalah memilih kata kunci yang tepat untuk halaman web anda.
Langkah selanjutnya, kita melakukan apa yang namanya optimisasi keyword. Keliatannya cukup menakutkan, tetapi pengang tepat untuk halaman website kita. Menggunakan kata yang tidak tepat mungkin alasan utama mengapa orang-orang tidak mendapatkan hasil yang memuaskan dari pekerjaan melakukan optimisasi mesin pencari.
– Teruskan dengan membaca tips dan trik seputar search engine optimization.
– Baca artikel tentang META tags dan masukkan ke dalam semua halaman website anda. Tag META keywords tidak selelau dibutuhkan, tetapi tag META description sangatlah penting.
– Pelajari apa itu link popularity dan bagaimana mesin pecari meggunakannya untuk melakukan ranking terhadap halaman website.
– Unless you have already done so, read about Google’s algorithm. Google is among the most popular search services of today, so it is wise to take its requirements into account.
Use all of this information to optimize your pages for the search engines.

Step two – Search engine optimization, advanced
Your site is now adequately prepared to really start bringing in traffic from search engines. But if you want to widen your knowledge about them and increase your chances of success, you still have some work to do. On the other hand, if you’re totally exhausted and just want to get this thing over with, you’ll be delighted to know that this step isn’t absolutely necessary.
Study some of the more advanced things related to search engine optimization. Among them are cloaking, css tricks, doorway pages, themes and how to improve your search engine ranking with click popularity.
Read about the things you should avoid doing from this article that outlines common web site promotion mistakes.
Step three – Submitting to search engines?

Now is the time to make sure that your site has a presence in the indexes of major search engines. Fortunately, they are quite good at finding your site on their own. There are things you can do to help them, though..
Get to know how search engine submission works and how the search engines determine which sites to list.
Read the article “Targeting your search engine marketing” to see which engines are the most popular ones.
If you are running a commercial site, you might also want to consider paying for search engine placement. Take a look at how you can use PPC search engine advertising to buy your way to the top.
Website promotion, phase three – More techniques
After being accepted into the largest directories and having pages of your site come up in answer to searches done at the major search engines, the long hours that you’ve spent on website promotion have begun to pay off and your daily visitor count is starting to look good. But there is still plenty you can do to help your site attract even more traffic.
In phase three, we’ll examine different promotion methods that you might want to try. However, in order to prevent you from wasting your time on things that don’t work, we’ll also go over a few techniques that have proven to be less than spectacular when I experimented with them.

Step one – Keep these in mind
First, let’s take a look at the good stuff. The articles introduced in this step are about the website promotion methods that are at least partially effective. Some of them work better than others, but if used correctly, all of them can produce results that will be worth your while. Of course, most of the articles include advice on what you need to do to obtain the best possible results with the method discussed.
If you sell something on your site, you might want to try banner ads. Usually banner campaigns are seen as expensive and ineffective, but it is partially because advertisers don’t know how to design good banners.
Read the article on how to increase traffic with return visitors. Getting people to come back is the secret to why some sites get amazingly many hits per day.
Learn what reciprocal links are and how to get them, then put that knowledge into use. In addition to sending you visitors, reciprocal links will also increase your link popularity and help your site rank higher in the search engines.
Start using E-mail signatures. They might not produce thousands of visitors, but are a great way to promote your site a bit without having to actually do anything.
Evaluate whether your site could benefit from joining a topsite list. These lists have their good and bad sides, but might be at least worth a try.
Consider trying to build traffic with Usenet advertising. It can give you a nice traffic boost and help spread the word about your site, but only if done properly. Read the article to learn why Usenet promotion should only be done with great care.
Writing newsletter articles often works well and can send you large amounts of targeted traffic in a short period of time, for free.
Step two – Forget these

As said, everything just doesn’t always work the way it should in the world of promotion. In step two, our attention is focused on website promotion methods that are more trouble than they are worth. They might not be entirely useless, but your time would be better spent on improving your site or spreading the word about your site in other ways.
Click exchange programs are easy, fast, free and will get you a lot of visitors. That’s why it might be a surprise to hear that they really aren’t good website promotion tools.
A lot has been written about FFA pages and for the past few years, most of it has been negative. The only thing they are good for is increasing the flow of spam to your E-mail address.
Winning website awards can occasionally be useful, especially if the awards are well-known. However, sometimes the winner of the award is not the real winner.
Final words

Congratulate yourself for being persistent, bright and hard-working. Most get frustrated and quit before this point, which is why most sites never become anything. After all, the secret to having a successful site is working hard in both promoting and creating it. You just might have what it takes.
After going through those three phases, you’ve read just about everything this site has to offer. While there is more to website promotion than what we have discussed here, you now know quite a lot about the subject. If you still desire more information, don’t forget to come back to this site every now and then. This tutorial is always incomplete, because I continuously notice things that I want to write about.
I hope that A Promotion Guide has been able to help you to make your site more popular and thus given you the chance to spread your ideas and thoughts to a larger audience. And remember, if you have achieved good results, it’s not because I showed you how to do it – it’s because you did it.

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