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How to Use and Understand Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is when you utilize software from an online company without actually having to install software on your own computer. Everything is done online via the Internet. A popular example of this is computer file backup service. Instead of purchasing very expensive software and equipment to automatically backup your computer files, you outsource this service to be done for you by an cloud company.

1. Select the type of service your interest in outsourcing. It could be anything from automatic file backup, web-based email service, online virus scan, etc. Be careful about the offer of add-on services that you really do not need.

2. Research and review the reputation, quality of service and affordability of the service you’re interested in using. Not all cloud hosting companies provide the same level of support or information privacy standards.

3. Evaluate costs for services. Cloud computing may be less expensive by cutting out personnel and software costs. However, each cloud company will have its own billing model which can range from by the hour usage, pay as-you-use service, or per subscription rate.

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